Good facilities, friendly staff and good schedules. The teachers are even better! He's really professional and has been definitely helpful.
Image of national flag of student who was successful with Higher Score's help Hyun Ju, Korea

Higher Score® – Our Name is Your Goal

Achieving a high score in TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS is very important because it lets you reach your goals. The best way to get a high score is to study at a specialist school with a serious, expert teacher. Unfortunately, most schools are not specialist test preparation centres, and most teachers are not expert teachers for TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS.
At Higher Score® at EC English language centres, however, the situation is different. We specialize in teaching exam classes and we have expert exam teachers . I develop all our programs, train all our teachers and even teach classes myself, so I can make sure that we only offer you the highest quality courses.
Our goal is simple: help all students improve their TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS score in the shortest possible time and for the best possible price. Since Higher Score® was founded in 2004, our record of success is amazing: over 99% of our students were able to get a higher score in TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS.
We look forward to helping you achieve the same success and reach your goals .